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GTV8 Weathershield Roof

Postby Tony Lake » 11 Jun 2017 19:03

The sliding roof on my car is not in good shape. It no longer slides properly and the vinyl is in poor condition where it attaches to the mechanism. The polyester tensioning strips are also broken. Does anybody have experience of a repair shop in the Northants/East Midlands area they would be prepared to recommend?
Tony Lake
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Re: GTV8 Weathershield Roof

Postby Graham Cornford » 16 Jun 2017 21:29


In view of the lack of responses over the last few days, perhaps I can give you the only information that I know. Two places spring to mind.
1. Littleport Boat haven, Ely Cambs. They supply parts and can supply replacement DIY fitting roofs.

2. There is a gentleman in France, a David Balkwill that does the same. Email
AFAIK, David used to be in UK but followed the sun. From what I have gleaned, David seems to supply a better product, but he is a long way away, however, he seems to be available for advice email/phone) more so than Littleport.

Best of luck.
Graham Cornford
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