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Overdrive / Wiper stalk markings

Postby Robert Rose » 13 Nov 2017 20:44

I note that there is a variance shown on the Overdrive / Wiper stalk markings as per the second, third and fourth editions of the MGB GT V8 handbook.
My car # 1646 has no OD or accompanying arrow markings on the Overdrive / Wiper stalk but does have the Overdrive operation decal on the LHS of the steering wheel cowl, all of which is accordance with the second and third editions of the handbook.
In the fourth edition of the handbook, the OD and arrow markings are on the Overdrive / Wiper stalk with the Overdrive operation decal now deleted.
However in the accompanying photos with the August 1973 MGB GT V8 toad test in " The Motor " magazine featuring HOH 933L the Overdrive / Wiper stalk is clearly marked with the OD and arrow markings!
It may be simply down to supply issues during the turbulent 1970s but it would be interesting to hear from other owners as to what marking appear on their Overdrive / Wiper stalk and whether the Overdrive operstion sticker was still fitted even if the stalk was so marked.
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Re: Overdrive / Wiper stalk markings

Postby Robert Rose » 14 Nov 2017 10:37

It would be very interesting to gauge if there was a specific changeover point?
I know that # 1949 a very late chrome bumper car had the later markings, all now on the Overdrive / Wiper stalk and no OD cowl decal.
In the case of # 788 the markings were the same as mine with no OD markings on the Overdrive / Wiper stalk but I am unable to qualify whether a OD decal on the steering wheel cowl was present but strongly suspect it is.
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Re: Overdrive / Wiper stalk markings

Postby Keith Belcher » 14 Nov 2017 14:06

Mine [#1949] has no cowl sticker, just the markings on the stalk.

My experience with BL quality control might shed some light on this.

In the mid 70's my family were involved in a company Microplus Products that manufactured screenwash pumps. Unlike the metal bodied items they were plastic bodied. Early pumps did not have the connection spades marked positive & negative. We were supplying Vauxhall Motors at Luton without problems. At this time Trico were having supply problems and we received an enquiry for supply from BL. Their quality control department demanded that they be marked and suggested white markings on transfers until the mould for the pump could be modified. This was tried but the transfers would not stick reliably. By the time the moulds were modified Trico supply problems were sorted, so we never supplied BL.

I would suggest that the transfers on the cowl was a temporary fix, while non marked stalks were being used?

Keith [1949]
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Re: Overdrive / Wiper stalk markings

Postby Nic Houslip » 23 Nov 2017 14:56

Keith, Interesting situation re being asked t be a 2nd source. It almost never works. My employer in the 90's were asked by a big us computer mfr. to 2nd source a silicon chip. We spent best part of $500,000 doing it and then after they had beaten their original supplier down in price they just said gee, thanks guys; but no thanks.
I'm sure that BL must have been worried about the windscreen washer sucking rain in through the washer jets and causing the washer bottle to overflow if they needed the markings for + &-. Looks like a nice pump.
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