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Mike McCartney's V8 build series

Postby Philip Irving » 03 Aug 2017 20:52


Congratulations on the completion of your V8 ! And what s fantastic job you did - the car looks great.

I, for one, was extremely entertained by all your detailed reports and learned a lot about my car and engineering in general from your build series. I certainly missed your posts during the 6 months when you weren't progressing on the car.

What's your next project ???

Philip Irving
Philip Irving
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Re: Mike McCartney's V8 build series

Postby Mike Macartney » 04 Aug 2017 07:29


Many thanks for your kind words on my rebuild/restoration. I still have a few bits to do on the car before I am happy with the work I have done. The next report (Number 160) I am working on which will cover the 'snagging' and fitting the 123 programmable distributor. If I don't sort out the little problems now, I probably won't get them done.

Well, you ask about my next project. I think I have enough projects to see me through until I am about 120 years old. Before I started on restoring the MGBGTV8 that I bought off Dugald, after it had been in his garage for 23-year, I was working on a rebuild of an 1899 Perks and Birch motor wheel tricycle. The engine fits inside an alloy front wheel of a more or less standard early tricycle.

I also have the following vehicles that have been rather neglected while I restored the two MGB's. I find that if I try and do more than one project at a time it all becomes too much and I find that I can only concentrate on one project at once. Car wise, I have a 1903 Crestmobile with tiller steering that needs the starting sorted out. Last time I went to take it for a run round the block the geared started motor I had made for it to turn the propshaft had packed up working. My 1967 Arkley needs some work on the suspension and the engine started 'missing' the last time I ran it. My wife’s 1934 Singer 9 Le Mans needs some tender loving care to get it back on the road. Out of complete madness I seem to have purchased two, yes two, 1989 BMW 325i tourings which I was going to tidy up to replace our horrible Vauxhall Zafira which I absolutely hate. We bought the Zafira as an ex demonstrator and at 40,000 miles we had to have the gearbox bearings replaced. I would have been very happy if the Zafira had been one of the Zafira’s that caught fire! My daughter wants me to fit new rear wheel arches to her 1973 BMW 2002 touring and says "Can you start on it when the MGBV8 is on the road".

As well as the cars I have the following motorcycles that will need recommissioning as they have not been touched for at least two years. 1910 Favorite 500cc, which is an Australian motorcycle with an Abingdon King Dick engine. 1927 Humber 350cc, 1928 Scott Flying Squirrel 600cc and a 1947 Nimbus 750cc 4-cylinder engine, this is a Danish motorcycle made by the now, Nilfisk company that make vacuum cleaners and pressure washers.

Phillip, now you wish you hadn't asked what my next project was!

Best regards

Mike Macartney
Mike Macartney
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