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Postby V8webmaster » 23 Aug 2017 17:29

Peter Beadle has spotted an extraordinary MGBGT V8 which is being built by APS Motorsport and featured in a report on the Turnology website where they report "Jason Shalders and the crew at APS motorsports aim to take the impish looks and performance of the MGB to a much more sinister level. His 1966 MGBGT, currently being built to FIA GT3 Specs, is gunning for the street-legal record at the Nurburgring's Nordschlefe.

The car sheds much of the original bodywork in favour of massive fender flares and functional aerodynamics. The underpinnings are just as cutting edge as the body alludes while the inside of the cockpit resides a full cage and other safety equipment. At the heart of the project is a Land Rover 4.0-litre V8 engine. The low-flowing factory pushrod-operated heads were discarded in favour of Lotus designed DOHC four-valve aluminum racing heads. In order to further bolster the engine's breathing abilities, a pair of Owen Development GT3582 turbochargers were installed. Planned output for the motor is an earth-shaking 1300 horsepower, and to handle all of that power, Shalders designed his own custom pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft and cams. Some F1 technology has trickled down into this engine as well, as a set of highly-specialized pneumatic valve springs help return the valves travel from peak lift back to their seat quickly and reliably at possible". See NEWS item at:

Peter would welcome fellow members' feedback on this V8 powered MGBGT.
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Postby Tony Lake » 24 Aug 2017 09:15

Peter, they have set themselves quite a challenge.

An SR8LM Radical holds the Nordschleife record at the moment at 6min 48secs, although that is challenged because it is only road legal in the UK.

Anyone who was at MG Live will know that the Radical race spectacle is a yawn, all on the same engines with down force as much as the weight of the car; big high speed procession. However the rear wheel drive and mid engine design in a very light car handles superbly and has really stuck it to Lamborghini and Porsche 4 wheel drives for about a decade at the Nurburgring, not racing but going against the clock.

The nearest vehicle in terms of power output and likely weight to the MGBGT3 is the Chinese Nio EP9 all electric car, 4WD with a motor at each corner. By a fluke last year I was on a visit to the Bruntingthorpe proving ground where it was sailing round very quietly at a hell of a rate of knots. That has done 7mins 5secs round the 'Ring, with 1380hp and 1.7tons. I recall in car film of Walter Rhorl in 911's and Hans Stuck in a BMW M5 monstering everything in sight to record just under 8 mins.

So a big front engine car without much carbon fibre and RWD is going to be quite a handful, I wish them luck.

My interest in the 'Ring goes back to a holiday in Germany when we stayed near Aachen and I realised that it was just down the road. We spent a day there in the Mercedes museum, got into the Zakspeed circuit pits on a DTM practice day, whilst listening to the antics of the tyre and suspension testing that was going on at the big circuit. When that stopped at 16:30 we paid 14 Dm to a man in a peaked cap with a roll of tickets for a lap on the 'Ring. So off we went in my company 3 box 2.0L Granada, I think my employers were going through an austerity period. Skin and rice pudding come to mind.

All went well for about a minute and then we were passed by a BMWTouring going sideways into the next bend. Panic in the passenger seat, I want to get out says she, no chance says I, so we agreed that I would provide a running commentary on the passing traffic to settle the well founded concern. I tried to steer clear of the racing line, the bikes were worst, they passed on either side. My abiding memory is of a completely featureless pine forest with pairs of black streaks heading for the Armco on almost every corner. I don't think I got out of second gear until the start/finish straight, but I did get in the groove for the Karussel much to the disapproval of the lady in my life.
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