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Distributor Spanner

Postby John Hale » 06 Sep 2017 13:46

I've just converted a spanner to do the dreaded timing adjustment on my RV8, the problem is exacerbated on the Japanese cars as the compressor belt idler bracket sticks up in front of the distributor and leaves very little room to get at the clamp nut. Although there are special spanners available I couldn't see how they would get into the tight space, I offer you a cheap and simple solution!

I took an old 9/16" AF ring spanner and bent it through about 90 degrees half way along, in two bites as it was bent cold in the vice with a lump hammer - real engineering! The pictures show it on the bench to show the bends and reach which fits inside the idler bracket. The distance from the centre line of the clamp nut to the outside of the bend is just under 70mm. The second shot is in situ on the clamp nut, where as a ring spanner it sits until needed.[attachment=1]P1060863.JPG[/attachment][attachment=0]P1060866.JPG[/attachment]

After a recent breakdown due to a failed ignition amplifier I shall be carrying this spanner and two spare amps in the toolkit. The amp is a lot easier to remove and refit when you rotate the distributor clockwise slightly, mark the base first though!
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