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Re: Insurance premium rises target older drivers?

Postby Angus Munro » 21 Nov 2017 10:52

To report my own miserable experience when insuring my VW Passat recently.
With no changes at all to my situation which is, no points, no accidents, no criminal record and so on, my premium last year with LV was £340. This year it was £490. An astonishing 50% increase. The people with whom one gets to speak are “Sorry, we can only go from what is on the screen.” Apparently it is partly a PostCode thing. The streets of sleepy Norwich must be piled high with written off Passats.
Arguing got me a £20 off. So much for the reading on the screen.
I did, of course, search for other quotes all of which were higher. The highest of these was with NFU who wanted in excess of £1,000.
Irritatingly when my policy came through foreign use was excluded despite that having been agreed verbally. Attempts to contact LV by the phone number for cancelling within the cooling off period were unsuccessful, but I did listen to a lot of music.
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