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Radiator paint.

Postby Angus Munro » 20 Nov 2017 11:54

During the winter months I plan to repaint the radiator of my Factory MGBGTV8 is it looks rather scruffy at the moment. The radiator seems to be in good working order and I am very keen to keep it as it has the original fan protector plate. I have an unopened tin of Frost paint stripper available and expect to find a brass tank and frame once that is stripped. I am aware that brass is notoriously difficult to paint and that an etch primer should be used.This primer and the subsequent satin black top coat would have to be able to withstand the high temperature that can develop within the V8 engine bay. I have looked on the internet for advice of course but thus far I have not found any quality information.
I would appreciate any advice regarding preparation and paint, both etch and topcoat. I should add that I would prefer an aerosol paint to a brush type as I am more likely to get the result that I hope to achieve.
Best regards,
Angus Munro
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Re: Radiator paint.

Postby Tony Lake » 20 Nov 2017 14:24

Just been into the garage to dig out a very old aerosol tin of PJI Coatings Fast Black. Must be over 25 years old, last used to paint the exhaust system of an endure bike. It is flat black with a max temp of 1500 deg F. It worked well at the time. I'm not good at throwing things away particularly if there is a bit left! Note that the tin says it is highly inflammable and not to spray at ambients below 70 deg F. website lists all their products.
Tony Lake
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Re: Radiator paint.

Postby Michael O'Leary » 20 Nov 2017 17:04

Hi Angus,
I’d personally hesitate before stripping the radiator if it’s still in relatively good condition, as it’s such an awkward shape. I’d just sand / etch the frame, then flatten any flaking areas and etch prime locally. I’d then paint the whole thing with either a gloss or satin black heat resistant paint from Halfords.
Michael O'Leary
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Re: Radiator paint.

Postby Angus Munro » 22 Nov 2017 16:01

Thank you for the replies gentleman.

Tony, an aerosol 25 years old and still going strong. I’m impressed. Such a paint will outlast me, as perhaps you meant in humour.
Michael, I had a look at the radiator and you are right in that it is a difficult shape. The paint is all in place apart from upon the fan plate which would be a very easy clean. So, I’ll follow your thinking, clean, etch primer the fan plate and clean and prepare the rest with a final top coat with a suitable Halfords paint. If one paint reacts with another, I can always go back to the original plan of total paint removal.

Many thanks again for the replies.

Angus Munro
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Re: Radiator paint.

Postby Nic Houslip » 23 Nov 2017 14:47

Do remember that any paint will reduce the heat flow through the radiator's cores to the air, because it acts as an insulator. If your radiator is original and has never been cleaned I would take the opportunity over the winter to remove it and take it to your local radiator repair man who can strip it down and clean out all the internal tubes, re-solder it all together and then repaint it with the thin black paint that is specially made for the job. Do make sure the man understands that you want your radiator back, not a recon. The whole job will probably cost about £100, but you can drive about secure in the knowledge that with the radiator back to original specification, overheating isn't likely to be a problem. If you had a little more money left after Christmas you might ask if they could re-core it with a more modern core that allows more water flow and thus more heat transfer. You should be able to find the radiator man in the yellow pages. In France he is called the radiatorist.

Nic Houslip
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