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TABS - test and be safer

Postby Victor Smith » 04 Jan 2018 11:36

From 20th May 2018 vehicles more than 40 years old will be eligible for exemption from the annual MOT test. However many classic car enthusiasts feel continuing to have a voluntary MOT test by an experienced MOT tester will be a useful check to ensure their MOT exempt car is roadworthy and safe. There will be classic car enthusiasts, including MGBV8 enthusiasts, who will feel they do not need to get a voluntary test for their MOT exempt car or incur the expense of the test fee as they have good practical experience and skills with maintaining their car in a safe and roadworthy condition. Their views are acknowledged but in the interests of road safety we feel encouraging fellow members to have a voluntary test for their MOT exempt car is a responsible stance to take. If it saves only one member’s life then it will be worthwhile. So today have launched “TABS – test and be safer”. ... rytest.htm

Nic Houslip has contributed the first of a series of articles in which he highlights some of the areas of concern an owner of an MOT exempt car might miss without the benefit of an annual MOT test or inspection. ... ns-NH2.pdf

Voluntary testing has two potential benefits because classic car owners must maintain their vehicles in a roadworthy condition. You can be fined up to £2,500 and get 3 penalty points on your driving licence for using a vehicle on public roads which is in a dangerous condition. Equally important, motor insurance policies include conditions requiring the policyholder to maintain the car in a roadworthy condition. If, following a major claim, an assessor acting for the insurer should find evidence during his inspection of the vehicle that it has not been maintained in a roadworthy condition, the insurer may limit the payout to the minimum third party liabilities that may be payable. The benefits of any comprehensive cover may be denied and possibly the insurer might also seek the recovery of the third party payout from the policyholder.

Personal safety for both the driver and any passenger, together with other road users, is an essential responsibility for any classic car owner. Even if your car is MOT exempt continuing to get a voluntary MOT or a voluntary TABS inspection and report is a prudent step. What do you feel about voluntary testing of MOT exempt cars?
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Re: TABS - test and be safer

Postby Richard Withington » 09 Jan 2018 20:23

Surprising that there has not been a response to this yet, but for what it is worth can I add:

Firstly, it would be extremely foolish, not to say possibly criminal, not to have your vehicle checked even if it is MOT exempt. However we have not thus far seen a spate of accidents attributable to defects in the vehicles which were exempted some time ago (pre 1960 vehicles). Press speculation about dangerous Morris minors ploughing into school bus queues etc. As my father, a qualified motor engineer always said the chief cause of accidents was the 'nut behind the wheel'. I have a good relationship with a local country garage, they have a sensible attitude to older vehicles whilst ensuring that any deficiencies are addressed. I use them because I can be with the MOT inspector and look at my cars on the ramps and see anything he points out needing attention (even if not relevant to the MOT). I therefore propose to carry on even if an Mot is not required simply because it gives me peace of mind about the condition of the car.

The secondary reason is that should I want to sell a car it helps with the advertising to say that it has had a recent MOT: although we know this does not guarantee the car is roadworthy when offered for sale, it does ensure it has reached a requisite standard at a particular date of that test. Some comfort to a purchaser Unless the suggested TABS inspection can be guaranteed, and seen to be acceptable, then it would not have the same authority as the official certificate.

So the question must be how will the voluntary TABS scheme be monitored to achieve acceptability?
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Re: TABS - test and be safer

Postby V8webmaster » 09 Jan 2018 22:26

Our TABs news item is simply promoting the idea of continuing to test MOT exempt cars as a prudent safety measure for fellow MGV8 members. We do not propose a scheme or a test schedule or recommended testers as that would involve a workload beyond our voluntary resources and the liabilities would also not be acceptable either. We simply say "personal safety for both the driver and any passenger, together with other road users, is an essential responsibility for any classic car owner. Even if your car is MOT exempt continuing to get a voluntary MOT or a voluntary TABS inspection and report is a prudent step." Like you I take my MGBGTV8 to an MOT test station where the testers are people who like classic cars and handle the car with real care and from the smile of their face there is real pleasure too. They are thorough and have the experience to know what to check with a classic like ours. Thanks for the feedback, I hope you like the logo and strapline.
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