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GT Side window frames

Postby Angus Munro » 26 Jan 2017 14:07

Just out of interest, I read a very early article, road test, last evening that indicated the GTV8 suffers from wind noise at speed. A subsequent search of the Internet produced this interesting site. ... ndows.html

Is there a company that manufactures such window frames for the MGBGTV8, or the MGBGT? Do owners feel such a frame to be worthwhile?
Angus Munro
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Re: GT Side window frames

Postby Mike Howlett » 26 Jan 2017 17:11

Certainly, wind roar is the most prominent noise in my GTV8 at motorway speeds. My straight-through exhaust makes its presence felt when accelerating hard, but at cruising speed the engine is remarkably subdued. But at 70 - 80 mph it is hard to listen to the radio due to the wind noise. I'm not convinced that putting frames on the drop glass would make much difference. The author talks of the glass lifting off the rubber seal at speed, but that has never happened with my car, and my windows can be wound right up without difficulty at any speed. I have recently sold an Elan Sprint fixed head coupe - that has framed windows but suffered from wind roar in much the same way as the BGT.

No, I think the wind roar is due to the multiple protrusions that exist on the body work. the rain gutters, the quarter-lights, the projection of the B pillar, the door mirrors, the wipers, and even the rubber seal of the windscreen. Look at any modern car and the glass area presents a very much smoothed profile, the wipers are often tucked behind the bonnet edge, and there are no rain gutters. Even the door mirrors are a smoother shape.

The design of the body goes back to the middle 1960s and I'm sure it was designed to look right without much thought to whether it could slip through the air soundlessly.
Mike Howlett
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Re: GT Side window frames

Postby Mark Richardson » 27 Jan 2017 11:22

Several years ago whilst considering circuit racing an MGB I looked at a variety of drag reduction and stability at speed options. One of these was to remove the effect of the gutter channel and windscreen rubber. By bridging across the windscreen rubber to gutter the noise reduction was significant at all speeds over 50 mph. This was tested up to about 115 mph and ultimately showed engine and tyre noise to be the next loudest items. Door mirrors were not fitted so their impact is unknown. Car was fully trimmed internally.
.... and the test was during a track day at Silverstone .... 115 mph max as my "temporary streamlining" was trying to exit stage left!
Mark Richardson
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Re: GT Side window frames

Postby Angus Munro » 30 Jan 2017 17:17

Mark and Mike,
Many thanks for your informative replies. Much appreciated.
It would appear then that side window frames would have very little, or even zero, effect. Considering the work involved with the fabrication of these items... well, your replies say it all.
Thank you again.
Angus Munro
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Re: GT Side window frames

Postby Chris Yates » 16 Feb 2017 13:53

Most annoying wind noise on my RV8 was from the radio antenna. Silly position on front nearside wing. On my GTV8 the antenna is on the front offside wing, also noisy. Less intrusive noise was from the antenna mounted on the rear offside wing on my MGB roadster. Some may say the best music is from the exhaust. Not I. Nothing better than Genesis or Beethoven!
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