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Postby Robert Rose » 19 Feb 2017 17:06

Does anyone know whether HJH 250 N, GD2D1 1405G, Registered 8/3/1975 to M Jones, supplied by Hadley Garages is known to the V8 Register.
If you are the owner or know the owner, then I may have some documentation which I think would be of great interest. A Mot check shows the car was last Mot'd approx 10 years ago and is still shown to exist when I completed a DVLA check.
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Postby Victor Smith » 22 Feb 2017 16:31


MGBGTV8 Mirage 1405 - VRN: HJH 250N
There is no registration of this car on the V8 Database under the Car No (VIN) or the VRN you have provided. This is unusual as most Factory MGBGTV8s have some record on the V8 Database.

Information from a copy of the Factory production records
This car is recorded there as despatched to Henlys (South West) in Andover, Hampshire leaving Abingdon on 22nd May 1974. It was not unusual for a distributor to supply vehicles to other dealers both locally and more widely within the UK. From the information you have provided it looks as if the car was first registered a day or so before the "date of supply" by Hadley Garages in Basingstoke (close to Andover). But it does look as if the car must have hung around in the showroom for many months, not unusual at that time because of the Middle East oil crisis.
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Postby Malcolm Bailey » 26 Feb 2017 16:26

My first V8 was built in 1974, but was kept by the dealership for around 18 months before being registered on 1/2/1976, thus ending up with a P registration. I got fed up with being asked if it was a rubber-to-chrome bumper conversion so I bought an appropriate registration!
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