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Vacuum take off on throttle body

Postby Mike Macartney » 19 Feb 2017 17:37


Does anybody know if the plastic vacuum take off on the RV8 throttle body is available and if so where. It is at the end of the thin black plastic vacuum pipe from the distributor. I have tried B&G and they sent me a rubber right angle one without the metal part that pushes into the alloy casting, by the throttle body. I also tried Rimmer Bros and they said it wasn't shown on the RV8 drawing or the Rover parts drawing.

I can put include some photos of the part into this message, if I could work out how to do it? I know it's possible because I have seen others add photos.

[attachment=0]2640 17-02-2017s.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=1]2639 17-02-2017s.JPG[/attachment]

PS: I think I have managed to add the photos.
2640 17-02-2017s.JPG
RV8 distributor vacuum take-off on plenum by throttle body
2639 17-02-2017s.JPG
RV8 vacuum take off rubber MGB vacuum take off
Mike Macartney
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Re: Vacuum take off on throttle body

Postby Martin Cridford » 19 Feb 2017 18:20

I thought the metal tube was cast into the plenum during manufacture, I wouldn't have expected it to be available with the plastic elbow. I had to drill out the excess casting metal at the bottom of the tube when I repositioned the vacuum takeoff On my Jap spec car.
Can you not separate the tube from the elbow and then glue the tube back into the plenum?
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Re: Vacuum take off on throttle body

Postby Philip Irving » 20 Feb 2017 06:54

Hello Mike,

Hope your MG V8 build is going well. Judging by the reports you're on the final stretch now !

Mine failed as well (ageing of material I suppose) and I ordered a new one from Clive, looks the same as the one you got from B&G (see pic from Clive's website below)
You need to retain the metal bit that goes in the plenum, fitting the new one is a simple job.

If you pull the metal pipe section out of the old broken plastic connection, it should work fine with the new one as well. When you've pulled it out, you can fit it directly with a bit of adhesive to the plenum, then your new L shaped connector will push over the top easily.
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Re: Vacuum take off on throttle body

Postby Mike Macartney » 20 Feb 2017 09:16

Thank you Martin and Phillip for your information. I may try and repair the old vacuum take off as the original looks more of a proffesional job than the replacement rubber jobbey.

The rebuild is nearing completion. Just started report number 120 for the V8 website.

Thanks again.

Mike Macartney
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