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Electronic speedo and Range Rover speed transducer

Postby Arnie Skirrow » 16 Mar 2017 20:54

Hi, I am thinking of buying a full set of white faced gauges from a company called Carbuilder solutions and the speedo is an electronic one, I read an article a few years back and noticed that Mike Howlett had fitted a Telemetrix speedo which worked off the speed tranducer. I have a new Range Rover speed transducer part No PRC 5956 or AMR3386 as it is known today which will be fitted to keep the idle speed steady and was hoping to use this to send pulses to the electronic speedo. My questions are, has anyone had any experience with the set of gauges from Carbuilder Solutions and secondly I understand the green wire on the transducer is the power feed and the yellow wire is the pulse feed to the ecu, I am assuming it's the yellow wire that is used to send pulses to the speedo, I would greatly appreciate any help and advice.
Many thanks in advance.
Arnie Skirrow
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Re: Electronic speedo and Range Rover speed transducer

Postby Dave Morris » 19 Mar 2017 23:02

Hello Arnie
The RV8 does not use the transducer for a speedometer signal, only to tell the ECU that the vehicle is moving. This is to provide better overrun and idle control. Nevertheless I have read of an MG and a TR where the Range Rover speed transducer has been used to drive a modern electronic speedo so it does work.
The following extract from a previous thread on this subject may help:
'The road speed signal appears on the yellow wire going to ECU pin 6.This signal can be tested by monitoring the Yellow wire with the positive probe of the Voltmeter, with the negative probe connected to a good chassis ground. Switch on the ignition, and roll (or drive) the vehicle slowly in whichever direction is most convenient. The signal should go up and down between 0-2.0 Volts and 10.5-13.0 Volts, changing every 4-5 metres. This signal is 8000 pulses per mile.'
Dave Morris
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Re: Electronic speedo and Range Rover speed transducer

Postby Mike Howlett » 20 Mar 2017 09:14

Hello Arnie. As you say I have the magnolia faced Smiths style electronic gauges in my GT conversion. They were bought from Speedy Cables who provide a good service. Yes, the speedo is driven by the AMR 3386 transducer. I simply took one yellow wire from the transducer and split it so it feeds both the speedo and the ECU. I have calibrated the speedo so it reads the same as my sat nav and the needle is steady right through the range. The only slight drawback is that the digital odometer is not so easy to read at a glance. I have wired the internal light in the speedo to come on with the ignition, and that makes it a bit easier to see. You have to press the button to toggle between total miles and trip miles.
Mike Howlett
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