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MGB Crash test video from the 60s

Postby Philip Irving » 18 Mar 2017 08:45

Morning All,

Wihout airbags and ABS, and also sporting a body designed in the 1950/60s, I've always wondered how safe an MGB or RV8 would be in a crash. This prompted me to do a search on NCAP to see if there is anything available. Having watched some interesting NCAP videos for crash tests on modern vehicles, I did a search and found a fascinating video from the mid-60's by BMC where several models (including the B) were crash tested.

If you skip to 9 mins 30 seconds you can see the MGB test. Of course the critical NCAP test is the offset frontal impact and not the full-on impact we see here. I could not find an MGB tested in this way on the net.

Safety fast!
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Re: MGB Crash test video from the 60s

Postby Martin Cridford » 18 Mar 2017 11:03

Rather scary just how far the steering column/wheel move back on impact! Not sure if later MGBs have a collapsible steering column but I know the RV8 does and I assume the last of the breed around 1979 did too.
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Re: MGB Crash test video from the 60s

Postby Victor Smith » 18 Mar 2017 11:14

The MGBGTV8 had a collapsible steering column along with MGBs built in that period. We have a couple of articles on collapsible steering columns coming up for release on the V8 Website which will illustrate how they work together with information on how to avoid damaging the column when removing or replacing the steering wheel, plus other useful notes.
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