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How can I get an email notification of new V8BB postings?

Postby V8webmaster » 04 Jan 2013 08:29

If you follow the postings on the V8BB Messages section of the V8BB, you may welcome an automated email letting you know when a new message has been posted as a New Topic or a Reply to an existing topic. The way to be informed by email of any new topics and replies is to click the "V8BB Messages" section on the V8 Bulletin Board homepage and then scroll down to the foot of the webpage below the messages where you will find the "Subscribe forum" link in the light blue band at the bottom of the forum. Clicking on that link in V8BB Messages should ensure you are notified by email of any new topics and replies within that section. You can also get automated email notifications of new postings in the other two sections - V8BB User Guidelines and V8BB Announcements & Notices - by following the same procedure in those sections. In each case when you select "Subscribe forum" the link on display then changes to "Unsubscribe forum". If you should you no longer want the automated notification of new postings on the V8BB then simply click on the "Unsubscribe forum" link to stop the notifications. The link should then return to show "Subscribe forum".

You can also subscribe to selected topics within V8BB Messages if you prefer using the same procedure. If at any time you change your email address and wish to continue to receive the automated emails from the V8BB then you will need to let the v8webmaster know your new email address so it can be added as an amendment to your V8BB Registered User account. Then the automated emails will be directed to your new email account.
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