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Attaching photos & documents to V8BB postings

Postby V8webmaster » 17 Nov 2014 19:48

Attaching photos and documents to a V8BB posting is now available
Members can now attach photos and documents to their postings made on the V8 Bulletin Board (V8BB). This feature will be welcomed by members as it will enable them to attach photos to illustrate information they are describing in a posting or enable fellow members to refer to documents which provide additional information. The photo and document attachment feature is only available to members with a V8BB Registered User Account.

What files can be attached?
The feature that enables users to upload files to the V8BB, both for images and other files (PDFs for example) is now live. It's not possible to exclude certain file types so a little common sense is called for, so please don't upload .exe or .zip files and that sort of thing. We have set a maximum file size of 2MB and a limit of 5 images for each V8BB posting or message with a maximum file size of 2MB and a limit of 2 images for private messages. Images will show as thumbnails in both messages on the forum and in private messages.

How do I attach a photo or document to my posting on the V8BB?
To upload a file as an attachment to a posting, click the Upload attachment tab underneath the new message, then on Browse to locate the file, and then click on Add the file. A comment can be added to each file if you wish – it could be a footer explaining for fellow members what the photo illustrates or highlights. The name of the file will appear under the message. Repeat for multiple files.

How can I reduce the size of a digital photo file?
Often photos taken on modern digital cameras can be several MB and in some cases 8 or 9 MB. You can use an image manipulation software package like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro or a Microsoft Office package or many other cropping and optimising packages. Cropping enables you to select the part of a photo you want as an attachment and the optimiser compresses the file to reduce the file size in MB. ... 92200.aspx

Malcolm Bailey (a V8 member and an IT specialist with his company Artisanet) says “I find PicMonkey ( very useful for reducing images sizes. The Resize button at the bottom is the first one to go for - a good size would be 1280 pixels wide for landscape format or 960 pixels high for portrait photos - this typically produces a file size of around 300KB to 500KB. To get rid of any unwanted background from a photo, use the Crop button near the top, ticking the box next to Scale photo to keep the width-to-height ratio. I quite often use the Auto Adjust button at the top to improve the photo, or if that's too much, click the Undo arrow above the photo, then click the Exposure button and use the Auto Adjust button there".

How can I reduce the size of a document?
If you have a document in Word format with many images inserted the total file size can easily grow to a large figure expressed in MB. The easy way to overcome that is to convert the file to a PDF using a package like Expert PDF 7 Creator or the Adobe Acrobat package. If you scan a document that will usually be in a digital format so you will need to add a File comment in the box to identify the page number of each scanned page if the article you have scanned has several pages.

An illustrated copy of this posting is attached as a PDF document.
Illustrated copy of this V8BB posting as a PDF document
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Re: Attaching photos & documents to V8BB postings

Postby V8webmaster » 04 Jul 2015 16:35

A member posted a message saying " If we could post photos on here". In fact it is very easy to post photos and other files (like PDFs) with your V8BB posting. All you do is scroll down to the foot of your posting below the "Submit" button you use to send off your message or when you are typing in your response and you will see there is a tab "Upload attachment". If you simply click that then a box appears where you can add the filename - the simplest way is to click "Browse" and then locate the file on your PC or other device and then "Add the file". You can add several files if you need and if you pop back to the your posting later to edit it then an attachment of a file can be made then too.
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