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Attachment routine on the V8BB

Postby V8webmaster » 27 Jul 2016 07:26

If you wish to attach an image file (photo) or other file (for example a PDF document) to a posting on the V8BB, an illustrated guide to the “attachment” procedure is set out in the attached PDF document. As an example the guide note as a PDF file is provided as an attachment to this posting and also is also available via a link to the PDF file on the V8 website: ... ed-VS1.pdf

Please note
If you try to insert a photo (image file) or document in the text of your posting, just use the link as it appears in your browser as above. Do not generate a link with prefixes like [attachment=1]filename[/attachment] as this will not work in V8BB postings. Either use the correct website link in the text of the posting or the simple and effective attachment procedure described above.

You can attach several image files/photos or other files (for example a PDF document) by repeating the “attachment” routine. Using the “Edit” function you can return to your posting and edit the text in your posting and/or add an additional file or files using the “attachment” routine.
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