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V8 Rear Suspension

Postby Jeffrey Lister » 20 Mar 2017 16:49

Does anyone know the correct ride height front and rear for a 1974 GT V8,mine currently rides at;
nsf 34.5cm osf 35.00cm
nsr 36.5cm osr 36.5cm

Measured from the hub centre to the chrome strip on 185/65SR14. This gives good and responsive handling therefore I don't want to raise the ride height

I am considering fitting parabolic springs to my V8 CB, my questions are, does the parabolic offer any advantages and secondly what would the ride height be after fitting them. The car is fitted with telescopics.
Or should I fit leaf springs MGOC part number BHH1133 and would that give me the same ride height as before.

Finally are anti tramp bars useful for everyday driving with the occasional spirited blast,
Jeffrey Lister
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