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Guide to the new V8 Bulletin Board

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V8BB Registered User Account - a benefit for current members of the MG Car Club
The V8BB is run on an "open-to-all" basis for viewing the threads posted to the V8BB but access to posting a message as a response to a thread running on the V8BB or posting a message as a new thread is only available as a membership benefit to current members of the MG Car Club who have also registered an MG V8 with the V8 Register and have also been accepted as a V8BB Registered User Account holder. Applications for a registered user account can be made via the link on the V8BB homepage but must be made in the full name of the member - for example John Smith and not john smith in lower case text or JOHN SMITH in upper case. Registering using initials or tags that hide the identity of the member like "mgnut", "oilyrag" or "brg111", will not be accepted.

How to post messages on the V8 Bulletin Board
Posting new threads or messages as responses to existing threads is a “member only” benefit available only to current members of the MG Car Club who have registered an MG V8 with the V8 Register. You can register an MG V8 using our online registration form at: You can join the MG Car Club either online or by calling the Membership Secretary at the Club Office in Abingdon on 01235 555552.

Attaching photos & documents to V8BB postings
We have two illustrated guide notes in the folder on the V8BB homepage "V8BB User Guidelines" describing how to post photos and other files as attachments to a V8BB posting. The link is: viewforum.php?f=3

What are our aims for the V8 Bulletin Board?
Our aims for the V8BB are to attract good quality postings in terms of both subject matter and how they are expressed. Since the launch of the original V8BB it has succeeded in attracting good quality messages with real substance, usually with reference to either acknowledged sources (like workshop and parts manuals or other recognised authoritative sources) or to direct personal experience or knowledge to support the advice or views in the message, rather than simply bold assertions. The general style of the original V8BB has been polite and welcoming so many members who might not have posted messages on a forum find they have been able to do so on the V8BB as the system is so straightforward and there has been a low risk that a someone might respond with a barbed comment as a response saying "nonsense" or other discouraging or unpleasant comments. So the emphasis has been on quality and not on quantity of messages on the V8BB.

The V8BB has rarely suffered from domination by one or two people posting on a high proportion of the threads but it is something we wish to avoid. Careful moderation of a bulletin board like ours is necessary because the arrival of one or two individuals bringing with them the blunt and aggressive style sometimes common on some other online forums, or poor quality postings with chat or prattle, can very easily take over a bulletin board and move what is seen as the "norm" in a direction which can very easily damage the qualitative and substantive content aims the V8 Register, as the website owner, has for the V8BB. That moderation policy and approach has been discussed and agreed with the V8 Committee. Lower case text streams will not be accepted so postings should be made using normal punctuation.

Useful technical material on the V8 Bulletin Board is added to our workshop notes series
Some of the postings on the original V8BB threads have covered technical matters in a detailed and useful way so they have been harvested and popped into draft workshop notes. The response when the draft note is sent to the leading participant or participants in the V8BB thread has been very good and many have taken up the invitation to expand the note and provide photos to illustrate it too. Adding those notes to the V8 and RV8 Workshop Notes series has ensured that the material continues to be available as a very useful and readily available reference source for both current and future V8 enthusiasts.

Any feedback with your views on the new V8BB, the appearance and functionality and the registration process will be welcome at:

Archive search facilities are still available for the original V8BB postings
There is a huge store of postings on the original V8BB which is still available (although the postings options have been disabled) can still be searched using key words in the search box. The link to the original V8BB search facilities is:

Guide to the new V8BB and the registration process
See our Guide to the new V8 Bulletin Board at:
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Re: Guide to the new V8 Bulletin Board

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Registering for a V8BB Registered User Account
Whilst the V8BB is run on an “open to all” basis enabling all visitors to see the threads on the V8BB, only members who have a V8BB Registered User Account can post new messages or post replies on existing threads. A V8BB Registered User Account is a “member only benefit” which is only available to current members of the MG Car Club who have also registered an MGV8 with the V8 Register. Members can apply for a V8BB Registered User Account online by clicking the blue "Register" link on the top righthand side of the V8BB homepage.

Registration system – it’s not automated but involves manual checking
The registration system we have is not automated so each new application sent in using the online "Register" link needs a manual check to ensure the applicant has provided correct details. Usually applications will be checked promptly and a response confirming the member’s application has been processed will follow but occasionally it may take longer as the volunteer running the V8BB administration may not have access to the internet through other commitments.

That manual checking is necessary because since the launch of the new V8BB we have had a number of applications from people quoting an MG Car Club membership number when in fact they are no longer a current member as their membership had lapsed. In other cases the membership number quoted was 1234 or 456789 or a membership number of another club. In several cases the applicants were using a false name. Our present V8BB was created to overcome a security difficulty that we experienced with the original V8BB which was run on an “open to all” basis for both viewing and posting messages. It's clear that there are undesirable people who feel they have a right to access any online forum and use it in any way they feel they want to do so but in the case of the new V8BB we are determined that it will be run in a way which we know the majority of our members wish to have - a forum providing interesting, lively and topical information and advice with contributions in a style we want to see.
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